Words from Tulu

Words from Tulu

Words from Tulu

These are the words and musings of Chris and Sara as they pursue their dream of sailing away on their catamaran called TULU

On the move again...

SailingPosted by Chris Mon, May 25, 2015 21:57:52

As I write this we are sitting out some very windy weather holed up in a marina at Rosslyn Bay on the Queensland coast. It is good to be on the move again, as long as the weather allows. We are now in waters new to us as we are north of Bundaberg, our first port of call in Australia back at the end of October last year.

After our UK visit followed quickly by road trips in New Zealand and Australia in rapid succession it was really good to be able to unpack our bags and settle back into life on board Tulu again. However, there was one major chore to be carried out - that of hauling Tulu out of the water for engine maintenance, antifouling and polishing along with a seemingly endless list of minor repairs/adjustments. For this we went to Rivergate Shipyard in the Brisbane river where we spent 5 days on the hard (still living on board in the shipyard which had its challenges). All went to plan (Chris’s forte) and we were soon back in the water. Immediately the ‘boat jobs’ list was started again as we found things that still need doing but will have to wait - talk to any cruiser and they will tell you that this list is never complete. Anyway, that’s all we are doing for now, so we headed out to Moreton Island for a few days of relaxation before going into Manly Boat Harbour to meet Jon and Lynda - our neighbours from Alhampton who now live in Perth.

It was wonderful to see Jon and Lynda who we had not seen for so long and whose company we so enjoy. We spent a great long weekend catching up during which we sailed north to Mooloolaba. We had a lovely passage highlighted by a pod of dolphins who played in our bow waves for a while. From Mooloolaba, we hired a car and drove to Noosa and before we knew it it was time for Jon and Lynda to leave - it was such a pleasure to welcome good friends on board - something we have not done since the Caribbean.

From Mooloolaba we met up with Jas and Tolly on Le Mistral and in company with them headed up through the Great Sandy Straits inside Fraser Island and out to Lady Musgrave Island - back to great snorkeling and deserted sandy islands and coral atolls. This however was rather short lived as the weather deteriorated so we scuttled back to the mainland to sit out this low pressure system. Hopefully it wont last too long and we can soon head up to the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef......